January 14, 2017

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ISM Saddles - better by design

Now that we are well in to winter - and indoor training - there are a lot of people who are finding that the mild discomfort from their saddle when riding on the road has become an unbearable torture. But who wants to hear about that? When you talk about your spin classes do you say, "my lungs were on fire", or "my quads were ready to explode", or do you admit to others, " my penis was numb for the entire workout", or "my vagina was so painful i had to get off my bike for a few minutes."

So why is it so much worse in winter? Simple - you are static.

Outside, you get to put your foot on the ground when you come to a stop. That distributes your weight away from the pelvis, but stop pedaling on a trainer and you actually increase the pressure. On the road you lean through corners, stand on the pedals for a hill - you are always shifting weight, and changing the contact points between your saddle and pelvis.

When doing spin classes keep that in mind. Shift from drops to brake hoods, or stand up for 20 seconds, just to let the blood flow. And if you want to do your body a favor this winter, see what a difference an ISM saddle can make.

January 03, 2017

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More athletes are discovering that 'great taste' and 'energy gel' can be uttered in the same breath, thanks to Huma Gel. The all-natural fruit puree base is easy to ingest because of it's higher water content, and the addition of ground chia seeds helps prevent the flash-crashes that can occur with other gels.

Huma Gel 8 flavors

We have added 3 new variety pack options for Huma gels. All three have 12 gels, either all caffeine, all non-caffeine or a mix. All three are priced at $34.99 

For a limited time, you can get free shipping on a Huma gel variety pack! Just use the code MIXHUMA at checkout.

January 02, 2017

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Want to get the most out of your training? Get the most out of your recovery - and that includes massaging the muscles that you used in your workout, to help relax them and pump out metabolic waste and lactic acid. Moji massagers are purpose-built to provide relief and relaxation to all of the major muscle groups.They are all constructed with stainless steel massage sheres which not only provide deep pressure, but can be put in the freezer and used to ice-massage injured tissue.

The Curve Pro is a wand-style massager with 4 steel spheres that rotate 360 degrees, so it can be used in a lot of areas that roller-style massagers can't reach. The Foot Pro is designed to position on the floor while you work your arch, toes and plantar fascia over the spheres. The Mini Pro is a hand-held array of massage spheres that can access trigger points in the neck, arms and shoulders.

Moji is working introducing a line of rollers and trigger point balls this spring. Watch for announcements soon!

January 01, 2017

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As winter grips the country, keeping warm becomes a bigger challenge. Wrightsock Double-Layer construction helps keep active feet warm! The Dri-Wright inner layer helps wick moisture away from the foot. There are several great styles to choose from for winter activities, everything from running to hiking to snowshoeing. See the whole array in our online store
December 28, 2016

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The Cost of Living?

The Canadian Institute for Health Information estimates 2016 per capita expenditure on health care in Canada is $6,299 per person. If our collective health improved to to point where we could round that number down to an even $6000, that would reduce health care costs by a touch over $10.8 billion.

Help the economy - go for walk.....

December 27, 2016

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HIA Velo - a new way to build bikes

A new bicycle company is taking shape in America, but this one is really American. Instead of using off-shore manufacturing, HIA Velo has brought the entire process under one roof. From initial concept to shipping the finished product, Allied Cycle Works frames can wear their 'Made Here" badge with pride and honesty.

See a video about HIA and their vision here

December 26, 2016

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