Mucky Nutz Bicycle Mudguards

Lightweight and easy to install bicycle Mudguards, Mucky Nutz adds protection for your vital parts to your bicycle & mountain bikes. Adding a Face Fender on your fork keeps the dirt out of your eyes and mouth. Gut Fender and Butt Fender will look after the rest of your body. Mucky Nutz has a wide variety of models to cover many different bike configurations.

Mucky Nutz MugGuard

We are super excited to bring you the MugGuard - Mucky Nutz first injection moulded bike mudguard for mountain bikes, and it's made from 100% recycled material!

They have taken the time to develop a fully functional and sharp looking piece of kit, that will compliment your ride and keep you shredding without eating dirt, whatever the trail conditions!

Available in three sizes, MugGuard is created for durability and functionality yet has minimal weight. It has been designed to prevent clogging while shredding the sticky stuff with its forward lip that minimizes spray and recessed bridge that increases tire clearance. Go ahead and order yours from the Podium today!