Want to get the most out of your training? Get the most out of your recovery - and that includes massaging the muscles that you used in your workout, to help relax them and pump out metabolic waste and lactic acid. Moji massagers are purpose-built to provide relief and relaxation to all of the major muscle groups.They are all constructed with stainless steel massage sheres which not only provide deep pressure, but can be put in the freezer and used to ice-massage injured tissue.

The Curve Pro is a wand-style massager with 4 steel spheres that rotate 360 degrees, so it can be used in a lot of areas that roller-style massagers can't reach. The Foot Pro is designed to position on the floor while you work your arch, toes and plantar fascia over the spheres. The Mini Pro is a hand-held array of massage spheres that can access trigger points in the neck, arms and shoulders.

Moji is working introducing a line of rollers and trigger point balls this spring. Watch for announcements soon!

Brian McCoy
Brian McCoy