Tifosi Optics

Tifosi is the Italian word for 'super-fan'.

Tifosi is your super-fan - they develop and manufacture eyewear for their favourite cyclist, runner, golfer, hiker, fisher, boater or beach-goer - you. Their mission is to provide technically advanced eyewear to enthusiasts of all sports and outdoor activities. They design, test, and torture your future eyewear with the goal being to enhance your sport whether you’re running a 5k, riding your first century or playing 18 holes on Sunday. Tifosi is their brand, it is also their philosophy - fans of your active life.

Lens Guide:

All lenses are shatterproof polycarbonate with 100% UVA / UVB protection.

Tifosi polarized lenses are engineered using a layer of injected polarized material, not simply a “polarized coating” used by some other manufacturers that can rub off or fade over time. Lens tints are designed to eliminate glare, enhance color and offer total UV protection.

 All-conditions Red (AC Red) tint increases contrast in cloudy conditions.

Fototec lenses adapt to your environment, transmitting less light to your eye when it’s more sunny and transmitting more light as the day becomes night, providing an ideal moment-to-moment tint.

Enliven™ Golf is specifically designed to read terrain and track your ball against the greens and a blue sky.

Enliven On-Shore is designed for fishing on lakes and rivers. It filters green light to enhance contrast and blocks glare to assist in seeing targets where there is reflection of green light from grass or water. A green mirror is added to reflect glare so that contrast and visual acuity is enhanced.

 Enliven Off-Shore is designed for fishing on the ocean. It filters out the high energy blue light to protect your eyes and avoid eyestrain, providing hours of wearing comfort. It enhances color separation and blocks glare on the ocean surface to allow for better visibility of targets under the water. A blue mirror is added to the lens to reflect strong blue light, glare and enhance contrast and visual acuity.


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