Wrightsock Goes ECO

January 28, 2021

Wrightsock Goes ECO

For years, runners and hikers have known how much better Wrightsock is for their feet. Well now Wrightsock is better for the planet. Introducing the ECO range, using yarn that is spun from recycled plastic and wool scrap.

Polyester fibers are spun from Repreve, a revolutionary concept in planetary waste reduction. Unifi, the manufacturers of Repreve, have recycled over 23 billion plastic bottles. Each pair of socks in the ECO range have the recycled plastic from up to 3 water bottles.

The ECO Run and ECO Explore have inner and outer layers knit from Repreve. The ECO Lt Hike and ECO Hike have a Repreve inner layer, and the outer layer is knit from Recover R-Wool. This upcycled yarn is spun from post-industrial wool cutting scraps, recycled PET bottles, and Nylon 6.6 and yields a sock that has all the strength, suppleness and insulating qualities of merino.

Give ECO a try next time you are adding to your sock collection. Good for your feet. Good for your earth.