Wright Socks Canada

Wrightsock is the #1 double-layer sock in Canada! The patented double-layer construction reduces heat build-up from friction, and the Dri-Wright inner layer provides superior moisture wicking from the skin. Dryer, cooler feet are more comfortable feet, and less likely to get blisters. Whether for running, walking or hiking there is a Wrightsock style that is right for you. Wrightsock anti blister double layer socks are guaranteed to protect your skin from blisters, including running socks, hiking socks and travel socks.

The Podium brings you Wrightsocks that is the ultimate double layer wright socks Canada. Their patented double layer construction ensures to reduce the buildup of heat due to friction. The second layer is made from dri-wright that provides the perfect moisture-wicking properties. This means that your feet will stay cool, dry, and comfortable throughout your feat during the day. And the biggest good news is that ‘No more Blisters’! Go running, cycling, or hiking wearing the Wrightsock anti-blister double layer socks and enjoy your adventure to the fullest! Browse our inventory and choose the right wright socks Canada for yourself now!