Window Dry Bag

  • Inflatable dry bag for storing kit while swimming
  • Phone Window - 12.5cm x 20cm (fits most large cell phones)
  • Use without kit as a tow float swim buoy
  • Lightweight - minimal drag while swimming
  • 28 litre medium capacity - suitable for most uses
  • Size deflated - 72cm x 37cm / 28" x 15"
  • Belt length - 58cm to 108cm / 23” to 42”

Store your gear in this inflatable dry bag swim buoy. It's got a great feature—a clear window on the front for your cell phone. Just toss your clothes, towel, and shoes in the dry bag, inflate the separate inflation chamber, and roll down the top seal. Then you can tow the bag behind you while you swim. 

All our inflatable dry bags swim buoys can easily support an adult's weight if you need to take a rest while you're in the water. This particular inflatable dry bag also has a small pouch at the front where you can stash your cell phone or GPS tracking device. The material is designed to allow you to use your touch screen phone right through it.

The swim buoy dry bag features 2 high-flow nozzles: one for inflating the external chamber, which is separate from the storage compartment, and the second for inflating the storage section once the bag is sealed.

IMPORTANT: Fully inflate the rear compartment. The front valve will inflate the area around the items in the storage compartment. Make sure to fold down the top seal to the indicated area to prevent any air from escaping (usually three turns).

To deflate, use the back of the valve cap. The dual belt design with adjustable clips securely fastens around the swimmer's waist, and the leash ensures it stays out of the way during your stroke. Rinse the bag with fresh water after use and store it in a dry place. This product is intended for use by competent swimmers only. Please note that the dry bag does not provide buoyancy while swimming.

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