Safety Whistle

The Swim Secure Safety Whistle is a vital addition to any open water swimmer's gear. Designed to draw attention in emergency situations, this whistle is a small yet indispensable tool.

Blow the whistle to alert others or seek assistance when needed, ensuring that you are noticed in critical moments. The pea-less design allows the whistle to function effectively even when wet, making it perfect for any aquatic environment.

Easily attach the whistle to your waist belt using the provided clip. Secure it over a double layer for added stability and quick accessibility. The whistle features a drilled hole, allowing you to attach a string or lanyard (not included) according to your preference and convenience.

  • Catch the Eye in an Emergency
  • Attach to Waist Belt with Clip
  • Dual-Toned - 108 dB Volume (Very Loud)

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