Merino Extreme Crew

Looking for the ultimate cushion and wool sock? The Merino Extreme is our most cushioned, blister-free outdoor performance design yet. This Double Layer performance style works from the inside out to keep your feet feeling dry, comfortable, and blister-free. The inner layer of these performance socks uses Merino Wool to wick away moisture and cushion the heel to toe to keep you comfortable. While the outer layer provides maximum protection from blisters, using a second layer of Merino Wool provides added comfort and durability while hiking, trekking, trail running, or backpacking. No matter where your next adventure takes you, have a more comfortable experience in Wrightsock's Merino Extreme.

Inner Layer: 70% Merino Wool, 26% Nylon, 4% Lycra®
Outer Layer: 68% Merino Wool, 24% Nylon, 8% Lycra®

These anti-blister hiking socks are composed of sustainable yarn with the vast majority being natural Merino Wool and our Nylon and Lycra are composed of recycled materials to boot helping you enjoy blister-free hiking adventures while protecting the trails beneath your feet.

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