Currex Runpro Low Profile Size XL - Damaged Packaging

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you put them in. Then you start running − and you’ll never want to run any other way. Light, dynamic and pleasantly supportive, RUNPRO does its job: 100% power transfer to the ground. Less fatigue in the feet and calf muscles. You can reach new personal bests, whether in minimalist or classic running shoes with a cushioned midsole and a 10mm drop. Get ready for the next level of running enjoyment!

If you are a professional athlete, you would know the importance of insoles for running shoes. The Podium brings you the best insoles for running shoes – the Runpro! Once you put them in your shoes, you will instantly notice the difference. The first time you go running using these insoles will make you never want to go back to your previous ways ever! Lightweight and supportive, these insoles will guarantee your comfort dynamically while ensuring absolute power transfer to the ground. Say goodbye to fatigue in your feet and calf muscles. Be ready for the ultimate comfort and enjoyable running!