Bogyglower, Women's - Lori

Cycle from day into night in this bodyglower with an ombre effect (fits small).

Inspired by the sunset, the colors of this bodyglower fade from neon coral into a reflecting grey.

In daylight, the core will shine pink purple. At nightfall, the mid-tones will be a mix of taupe, mauve and a shimmering grey.  In the dark, the bodyglower will reflect from top to bottom.  The matching rose gold zipper with an elegant pull tab completes the look.

This vest will make your ride pretty & comfortable. The long back will move elegantly with your movements and cover your back when you lean over during cycling. In the seam you have a pocket with a hidden zipper, perfect for your phone.

  • Fits small
  • Performance fit 
  • Full reflective bodyglower
  • Windbreaker reflective from top to bottom
  • Colors fade from neon coral into reflective grey
  • Straight collar with lined hood
  • Rose gold auto-lock zipper
  • One side pocket with hidden zipper in the seam
  • Long in the back
  • Material: 100% Polyester

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