Pioneer LT91 Dura Ace power meter - single-side

Pioneer has a single-side power meter option, functioning on the ANT+ platform so it will work with your Garmin computer. Or use Pioneer's SGX-CA500 Cycle Computer for advanced HD Power Metrics, and measure torque and produce pedaling vectors for every revolution.

12 point force measurement for high accuracy and advanced metrics

Pioneer measures pedaling forces every 30˚, for 12 points of measurement per revolution. However, within those 12 points, Pioneer scans those pedaling forces an incredible 16 times, for an unbelievable 192 data points each rotation of the crank! This level of measurement is what leads to the accuracy of Pioneer power meters, as well as the basis for HDPower Metrics analysis.

Keep your options open - a path to upgrade your system to a Dual Leg power meter system

If you decide you want more thanjust the data from a single side, we can help! Using the drive side upgrade kit, the drive side sensor can be installed on your crankset and your original single-side power meter is now reading true dual-side power, There is no better, or more detailed tool for analyzing power or pedaling balance metrics than a Dual Leg system, especially when combined with Pioneer’s HDPower Metrics.

User Manual can be found here

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