Suplest Streetracing Shoe

The Streetracing from suplest is the ultimate combination of comfort and performance. The seamless organic Grid upper material cradles the foot with even pressure distribution, and the sophisticated closure design ensures a secure no-slip fit for the best power transfer to the pedals. For long hours in the saddle, added comfort from a nylon composite sole keeps your feet from taking a beating.


Upper Material suplest uses a special micro fiber, which is called “Organic Grid Micro Fiber”, a light and comfortable material. This allows us to cleverly select areas that need a higher reinforcement to keep the foot stable, while other areas are thinner to increase overall comfort. The  forefoot area is seamless to eliminate any unnecessary pressure zones.

Buckle The main strap is tightened with a micro buckle, pulling the heel down and back into the heel cup to eliminate slip.

Tongue Our Air Vent tongue has specially been made to ensure additional breathability. The inlets in the middle of the tongue ensure a  constant airflow and are part of the ventilation channels that increase air circulation.

Insole The suplest Ergo 360° insoles have an anatomic footbed. This allows the foot to stay in an ergonomic position. Pre-moulded EVA with a  pre-shaped multi density foam cushion offer comfort.

Sole The sole is an important part of the Ergo 360° concept. It has been engineered for performance cyclists who want a stiff sole. Our Ergo 360° concept guarantees maximum comfort and efficient power transfer. The sole has two air vents, offering airflow from underneath. For safe walking suplest added rubber inserts in the toe and heel area. The heel tread is replaceable.

System The 3-bolt holes in our carbon sole work with most common cleats.

Compatibility SPD, Look, Speedplay and Time

Weight 340g (Size 42)

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