Pioneer Cycle Sports 

Pioneer is one of the world leaders in electronics, for decades they have been developing and refining the same technologies that are found in today's cycling power meters. Now that they have set their sights on cycling, look out - the Pioneer power meter surpasses other designs in ruggedness, function and features.

  • True left-right power, not single meter and a formula that guesses what each leg is doing
  • Force Vector data shows not only how much power, but how to use it more efficiently.  Where are you applying the most power? How do position changes affect your output? Only Pioneer goes beyond raw data, to make you stronger and better.
  • Consistent reliable signal retention.
  • Training Assist, a FREE training program that gives you 28 unique workouts that are created based on your built-up history. As you get stronger, the workouts will get more challenging.

Pioneer power meter

The Pioneer dual-side power meter provides separate power readings for each leg, and gives valuable feedback to the rider about the magnitude and direction of the power being generated 12 times for each pedal revolution. This data is invaluable in optimizing pedaling efficiency, helping you get more power out for the effort you put in. The video below shows Pioneer in action:

Pioneer power meters are also sold through our dealer network.